Taking Charge of My Health – An Action Plan

I didn’t go through a pregnancy with Fox, yet here I am at the weight I was when I left the hospital with Bean. What the hell? Did my metabolism slow that much? What they say about your metabolism once you past 40 seems to be accurate for me. I seem to be putting on about 10 pounds a year, which is crazy and isn’t good for my family, for my heart, for my health, for my sex life, or for my self esteem (the last two are connected).

I know what I need to do, but I keep sabotaging myself. Why? Where is my off button? For the past month I’ve been talking with women who have managed to take charge of their health and I’m impressed, but the nagging doubt was still there. I understand how they’ve done it, the mechanics of it, just not the psychology of it. A couple of weeks ago, I sat down with a health coach and while the idea was to talk about what she does with her senior clients at the hospital I work at, it ended up being a personal health coaching. It was kinda like therapy.

That therapy coaching session resulted in the following post on TMC for Women about action plans.

I figure a little accountability never hurt, so I’m putting it out here that I’m going to focus on three goals for the week, all with a confidence level of 7 or above. If I can change this awful unhealthy weight gain around and lose 30% of the extra cancer-causing, heart-impairing, esteem-destroying weight I’ve gained, I’ll post a picture of me in a swimsuit on here and if I don’t I will too. Someone give me hell if I don’t share my progress on here by say September 12.

What the heck am I thinking?

Here is a little snippet

4. Be realistic and flexible about your action plan. Allow wriggle room to be successful.

A crucial part of the action plan is reflecting on the steps you plan to take and being realistic about whether you’re going to attain that. I know that week after week I say I’m going to track what and how much I eat. I know this is a successful strategy for many, yet week after week I fail. Karen suggests I reassess my action plan.

What is my confidence level that I could track for one day out of seven on a scale of one to 10?

Ten, I respond. I know I can do that.

Good. What about two days?

An eight or nine.

The confidence level piece is what was missing from my arsenal I think. Check it out here.



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7 responses to “Taking Charge of My Health – An Action Plan

  1. Jackie M.

    So, I found this website called fitocracy. It’s super-useful for weight training and tracking progress, but it’s still fun to get awarded points for taking the stairs instead of the elevator. And in fact I find it makes me take the stairs more often, because I want to level up.

  2. Jackie M.

    Also: weight loss is hard. I find losing long-term weight gains just encourages the pounds to come back with twice as many friends. If this turns out to be true for you as well, you may want to concentrate on weight maintenance and add a bit of weight-lifting. I figure, if I’m going to weigh as much as a body-builder, I might as well put it to use. (And it generally looks and feels better when it’s muscle.)

  3. good luck. impressive to put yourself out there! i hope you enjoy the journey and see some good results. just like bad lifestyle choices can snowball – good ones can too. if i run in the morning, i tend to have more food control throughout the day and go to bed earlier at night so i can repeat the next day. don’t be too hard on yourself either – its not a race, its a journey that you should be on for the rest of your life. you are never “there”, and even if you were you’d have to work to maintain it. good luck! your blog friends are here for you:)

    buy a hot swim suit and hang it up so you can look at it every day!

    • Thank you dear PortlandSun for the support and the positive thoughts. I’m going to share this thought “Just like bad lifestyle choices can snowball – good ones can too” further afield. I like the idea of a hot swim suit (or costume as we say in my corner of the house) hanging up tempting me to get in.

  4. Moni

    Go Honey! What can I do to support you? Do you want me to track what I eat and send it to you??? Anything!

    XO Moni

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