Bean starts kindergarten at the beginning of August. I know, crazy early, but so nice to get a week off in October when the weather is lovely. She is increasingly interested in communicating through writing and understanding what day it is. Today after looking at her calendar and discussing various upcoming events, like when she gets to see Granny, we tried this again: Today is Sunday.
Of course, if you pronounce it as Sommertday it might look like this




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2 responses to “Somer-t-day

  1. Kelly

    I love this, Evie does the same thing, interesting interpretations of words. It is so neat to see them learning to write and read!

  2. Pat Jones

    Yes, and for a granny who lives some many thousands of miles away; this means alot. There must be so many of us global grandparents living thousands/hundreds miles away from those we love so much. Yesterday I was at an ‘English Speaking Union’ Conference in Liverpool UK and met many people like myself, who live relationships at such horrifc distances. Loving and wonderful relationships, but let nobody tell you Skype gives you peace/happiness and the wonderful joy of spending time together – as I did last week. My wonderful eldest grandchild and I spent a wonderful afternoon in a museum. I learnt more than she did. ‘Granny, they are making the masks on the video’. This and many other things I miss altogether.
    Being a global grandparent is not easy.
    But it is exciting. Hopefully we are all off together to Disney Land in October. And if you live in England – anything warm and dry sounds wonderful.

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