Simple Creative Year

I spend too much time in front of a screen. It’s true. I do. Do you? I find myself not spending enough time doing. This thought process sort of goes along with my recent posts about my Action Plan and my new project Love Letters to Tucson (I’m off to the gym shortly and I have a session planned with the lovely Julie of Tucson Mama and Tucson In Style tomorrow.)

A dear friend recently issued me a challenge, one that she has set for herself – to do something creative every single day for the next year. This friend has a newborn, a five-year old and works an insane number of hours a day as faculty at a small liberal arts college. Fitting in something creative every single day is no small task, but so important for one’s mental health I think. Go check out what she is up to over here at Simple Creative Year. I’m going to take her up on that challenge, although not post everyday.

Our recent trip to see the in-laws in Nebraska, and beautiful friends in Colorado (yes Moni, that is a push for you to post more) and New Mexico has inspired me too. At Auntie Bean’s (the aunt Bean is named after) this confectionary of creativity inspired me. A hand-stitched cathedral quilt made of scraps of material of old dresses. Can you imagine how many episodes seasons of BBC’s Robin Hood I’d have to give up to make that?And the pillow of satiny loveliness featured at the beginning. All hand-stitched. It’s enough to inspire and to daunt. So, I’m going to go for smaller goals as Simple Creative Year is. Our stop in New Mexico provided some lovely examples, but I’ll have to wait until another time to share those as I have an appointment with the gym, and then a play date, and work, AND with creativity.


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  1. Love the shot of the Cathedral quilt. My mom made several of those, and at least one quilt for every person, child, grandchild and great grandchild. She always said, ‘If you want to know how much I love you, count the stitches in your quilt.”

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