What is this blog about? My family and our corner of the world. It is for friends (including those not met) and family who take an interest in what we’re getting up to, parenting, open adoption, gardening, science, nature and the great outdoors, cooking, books, art, crafting,  health care, heart stuff, diapers and Tucson, AZ.

Who am I?
Human, family person, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. Optimist and worry-wort (yes, it is possible).

Where am I?
I grew up in Northern England and moved to the Sonoran Desert as an adult. I’ve been in Tucson for the better part of twenty years with a brief and recent six month hiatus in Florence, Italy. I love Tucson, but do miss things about England a lot, mainly the sense of humour, excellent and affordable health care for all, and oh yeah, my family. I don’t miss constant drizzle.

What do I believe? The political is personal and that individuals can make big change happen with small actions. Equality for all.

I don’t think the following are dirty words and am quite pleased if you call me by them: Feminist, bleeding heart liberal, tree hugger, lefty, humanist and socialist.


12 responses to “About

  1. Erika

    Ok, you’re killing me smalls. A new blog on another website. How do I follow you here? Is there a nifty button to click?

  2. Do you have a gmail or is your work email use gmail apps? If not, I encourage you to try it out. We should Skype soon so I can convince you of its merits.

  3. KC


    We met at SAS the other day. I had a lovely time talking to you and learned something new about fabrics! Hope all goes well with those new chickens.

  4. I think I might love you. Not just because you know someone with an awesome yard? beer brewery that you might introduce me to, but also because you leave funny comments on other people’s About pages that takes those people (who may or may not be Dumb) months to discover. And yeah, totally missed that PR event too:)! Thanks for stopping by. Back in April. It was awesome then too I’m sure.

  5. dragonflywoman

    So I had to figure out which of my students left a comment on my blog today and here I am. Hi! It sounds like you’re doing well! And you have a kid! It’s bizarre knowing that you were in my class when you started dating your husband… 🙂 I hope everything is going fantastically well and you’re very happy. You deserve it.

  6. I found you again! Yay!
    We took a cooking class together in Florence, and spent the rest of the afternoon on a streetcorner just talking and talking. I’ve thought about you on and off since that time, and happy to see that you are happily esconced in AZ–where two of my children live (in Phoenix).
    Glad to see you again!

    • Yay Elizabeth! Yes, yes, yes. I remember that session well. We went back to Florence just a couple of months ago for a few weeks and it was wonderful. I remember that fabulous conversation we had about healthcare and how you blew my preconceived notions about LDS members out of the water. Mum and I often talk about that cooking class and how we benefited not only from the fact that we were sitting with two teatotallers and so could consume all the wine ourselves, but also the wonderful company of our companions that day. Make your way down to Tucson some time and we’ll have to practice making one of those dishes.

  7. Sorry you missed the Tucson Kid’s Contest too! I’m planning on doing another big contest at the beginning of the year and will probably do a few giveaways throughout the remainder of the year. I’m excited to see your site! Yay for growing families!

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