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Snap Snap

Recently Green sat me down and expressed his concern that I was getting all wrapped up in work again. I know, I packed ‘work’ in a year and a half ago, but somehow each week I was increasing the time spent, fitting work in not only while Fox naps, but late into the night, when I should be taking care of my health etc. My hobbies had gone by the way side. Free time was work time. After a fabulous meeting at work I sat down and thought about what I was actually being asked to do by my boss, and what Green had said. I didn’t have to be doing as much work as I was, the only person driving me to spend this time was me. So, I’m trying to step back and hopefully get back some time to spend on gardening, on taking photographs, on my health, on sewing etc.

However, I am a bit of a project person and I’ve had a project languishing for about two years in recesses of my brain. A year and a half ago I got a website, talked some friends into being guinea pigs and then did nothing. The website and a few photos have sat doing nothing, until now. During our little conversation Green encouraged me to pursue my interest in photography, and so armed with that encouragement I launched my project yesterday. I present to you Love Letters to Tucson. You can find it here on Facebook. I could have spent months fussing with technicalities which is what I was tempted to do, but frankly this is supposed to be a bit of fun, a little love letter to the community I live in so I pushed publish and it’s out there now. The website needs work, but I’ll do that if I have time. Until then, it’ll do.

Speaking of photos, this is one of my favorites from our recent trip to the Netherlands, Green was at a conference and we went Eurocamping again.


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After the Lenten post about the 40 bags in 40 days (didn’t accomplish) I decided to also do a no posting to the blog which I obviously managed. (Of course, I was over at TMC for Children and TMC for Women posting away. Check it out and please like TMC for Children and TMC for Women on Facebook too.)

Why blog thought I? I started a blog back in 2004 about our desert garden, it didn’t last too long. In 2007 there was the almost mandatory, we have a new baby, share tales with friends and family blog. It didn’t last too long either. Then in 2009 there was A Little Gnocchi – a blog about living in Italy for close to 7 months at the request of those who wanted to live vicariously through us. When we returned from Italy this blog was born out of request from friends and family near and far to carry on.

What would I blog about?

Why should I blog?

Should I blog?

Adoption was on our mind, which proved a much more convoluted mental path than I could have imagined, and healthcare, diapers, and of course,Tucson.

What did I expect to achieve? I’m not sure. I wanted to carry on that connection for friends and family that asked. I wanted to have a platform, however narcissistic that sounds, to shout in my small blog voice about political issues that were/are important to me, to participate in discussions in this arena. A mishmash of things.

I think I still want to do that.
-We’ve finalized the adoption of Fox, but the adoption process didn’t end there. Adoption is part of our lives. Its delights and quandaries are every present. There are questions asked continually, mainly about open adoption, that I could address here.  Not specifics of the relationship with Big Mama and Big Sis, but more general stuff.

-Tucson is ever the evolving place, which I love, well except for the part that is devolving to consider Jesse Kelly as candidate. Dear God help us if he gets in.

-We’re pressing on with the garden and the chickens. That Desert Chickens and their Hen House- Lessons Learned post, gets hits every single day. I think there is a veritable explosion of chicken lovers in the desert. I want bees, really, but the whole small kids and bees thing isn’t so appealing. I wonder if the community garden does bees. Hmmmm.

So, I’m back in case you missed us. While we were gone we went to England to introduce Fox to the cross-the-pond family. A photo from there to end this  post on.

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BlogLove X

Yep, it is about time again. It has been a while. It is a Thursday Friday and well I can’t hold needles right now, the book I’m reading is too big and the percocet makes me a little too groggy so I’m housebound with only one hand to type with. I should do away with all these superfluous words. I present to you BlogLove X. After several months away I’ve recently stumbled upon a number of blogs I want to share.

First up in the BlogLove Arizona category : Home is a Four-Letter Word

From Gillian's Blog. I hope it was okay to take.

I stumbled across Gillian’s blog about her adventures in home improvement  a couple of weeks ago when she sent an email that was then copied to all the kid’s parents at Bean’s preschool, and within the signature on that email was her blog. Wahoo! Thinks I. I don’t know this lady other than sweating together during Zumba a couple of times, and seeing her drop her offspring off at school, but that makes us tight right? She has a fabulous accent and I suspect a canny sense of humor. Wait, that should be humour. I was right. She may have inspired me enough to threaten Green that I will put the shelves up in the guest room myself  once this sling is off if he doesn’t get to it first. On that note I think we may have married twins separated at birth

Hubby: Dab hand at anything associated with DIY (the guy even designed and made our bed and kitchen table) and probably right when he says he can do a better job than any contractor. But he’s lacking in time and, apparently motivation. He’s a procrastinator and a perfectionist who takes so long when he does tackle a job, that fashions have changed, coastlines have eroded and several Presidents have come and gone in the meantime.

minus the bed and kitchen table add beerzebo and chicken palace, and I  actually think Green has motivation, but his time is very limited.
Anyway, check it out. Hopefully, Gillian doesn’t think I’m a complete weirdo more of a complete weirdo than she already suspects by linking to her here.

Adoption Blog: Adoption in the City -My experience as a new birthmother in New York

As you may have suspected I’ve really been struggling with the adoption thing enough that I haven’t done crap. And then I read something that gets me thinking again. Racilous of Adoption in the City is a thirty year old woman who made the incredibly hard decision to place her son J. for adoption within an open adoption with M & P. She talks frankly about the experience, her love for J., and where she is at now. Racilous writes beautiful, heartfelt words. Today’s post is about the process of picking the potential adoptive parents. Every PAP should read this, and for that matter every adoption agency staff member.

Miscellaneous Bloglove – Tales from the Hood Always good for a slam dunk of reality, this blog is the “rants, raves, and a few confessions about humanitarian aid work…from some of the worst neighborhoods in the global village.” This post is going out tonight for my favorite aid worker R who is in Indonesian. Miss you darlin’. It also goes out for a completely different reason to all those who wonder why I look askance when you suggest that I make pillowcase dresses for little girls in Africa or buy a pair of TOMS. I’m just not convinced that really is the best use of my time or money. Lets talk about other ways okay? This post is for you.


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BlogLove VIII

This is my first week I’m not working. At least, not working outside the home. I feel a few years younger I swear. I don’t seem to have got much done this week, but I’m still looking for my pace in this new environment.

Without further ado, BlogLove VIII

Local Arizona BlogThe Burrow by Ashleigh Burrow. I admit that I spend a not insignificant part of my time reading Ashleigh’s Blog wondering just what age she is. Yes, she has grown children, but I’m old enough to have grown kids too. It is just given the nature of human biology I can say for a fact that I don’t. Wow, no idea where that came from. Mostly, I read The Burrow for Ashleigh’s insight on everything from matters of the heart, parenting and family, explorations of intellect pursuits , local and national politics and of course Tucson. As with the Arizona Writer (who needs to post more) Ashleigh can turn a phrase beautifully and I long to be able to write which such grace and, of course, grammatical correctness.

Adoption Blog – Parenthood Path

Yes, we’re still talking about adoption and I’m still reading about experiences of adoption from the adoptee, first mother and adoptive parent perspective. Kristin of Parenthood Path, along with Bobby and the Mama have given me incredible support and I am very grateful. Kristin’s most recent post touches on one of the egregious aspects of adoption in this country, the birth certificate. Did you know that about adoption? How does your state handle the birth certificates of adopted children?

Miscellaneous Blog Love – Civil Eats
I discovered this blog recently and it is a wealth of information about where and how are food comes to us. They address issues that might be a little uncomfortable for us as we complain about the price of hand-picked fruit; opportunities to be local and sustainable and food politics. Read it. Tell me what you think.


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BlogLove VII

I’m really loving the shortening of daylight right now. Actually, that isn’t quite accurate, what I’m really loving is that the later sunrise means that Bean is waking at a semi-decent time, 6:45am Wahoooooooooo! The temperatures have just dipped in Tucson in the past week or so, and if I was elsewhere in the country I’d be sharing pictures of pretty red leaves, children wrapped up in lovingly homemade sweaters, or a bowl of steaming soup. Alright, in my fantasy life I would be anyway. I’m here though, and so I’m going to share a picture of what I won’t be knitting for Green this year.
I can just see my better half leaping at the chance to bundle up in something like this.
My mother-in-law picked up these three Make-It-Yourself books at the thrift store she volunteers at up in Northern NE. There are some cool things in it, but this man cardi isn’t one of them.
Awesome find from my MIL

Okay BlogLove VII.
This week I am not short of local blogs to share, but I have to pick just one. Today’s local Arizona blog to send some love to: The Sweetness of Doing Nothing from Leah.

Part of what I love about local blogs is seeing the area from another’s perspective. In Leah’s case she is a transplant from Oregon, a state I dream about moving to. She has the whole Etsy thing going on too. Check out this great post about the history of aprons. I’d be all over her aprons if it wasn’t for the obscene amount of fabric in our home, some of which was bought specifically for the purpose of making aprons. Leah, how about selling that pattern on Etsy as a downloadable PDF? I’d be all over that.

Adoption BlogRage Against the Minivan
Today I can’t find the ‘about’ page for this blog, but what I roughly remember is, that she was an agnostic/republican that is now a christian/democrat. I’ve just found this blog, but I’m kind a digging it.

Miscellaneous Blog – Okay this is a bit of a different choice, ACAA Food Stamp Challenge Blog. I stumbled upon this while reading the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona’s new Facebook page

The Arizona Community Action Association are just wrapping up a challenge where participants limit their total food budget to the weekly budget of a typical food stamp participant, $30. The participants get to share their experience on the blog.

We’re going to have to cut back once my income disappears, but eek! This would be tough. I admit I’m happy that the week challenge is over just as I’m finding the blog, I’m not sure I have the gumption for such a challenge. The information on the site though is fabulous, and watching the experience of the participants enlightening. Then, I think about how on earth actual families using Food Stamps would even begin to pay for diapers and my head just begins to hurt. Some of the personal accounts on the homepage are rather amusing, but a quick look over at the facts about SNAP & Hunger in AZ page are sobering. One in five Arizonan children live in poverty. So wrong.


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Belated Blogoversary

We were so busy out celebrating, carousing and reveling that I didn’t mark October 11th with any special post. October 11th, 2009 was the start of this blog. Back on October 11th, 2009 I promised:

Long run-on sentences – check
Appalling misuse and abuse of the English language – check
Babbling about:
parenting and family- check
adoption – um somewhat
gardening – not much, but you got chickens instead
cooking and crafting – not much
Tucson and the Desert SW USA – check

It warms the cockles of my heart to hear that my family check in here or mention they like something on my blog. My dad finally admitted that on occasion he reads it, although he worries that it seems voyeuristic. Dad, you may live just five minutes away, but this blog is for you too.

I was completely shocked and, I admit, a little bit thrilled when Lindsey of Tidbits Parenting recognized me as Tepary from Grow family. Grow! at a Crafternoon event. Okay, so that was totally narcissistic. Still kind of cool.

Thing is, in reflection I wish I could say more about our adoption journey. We seem to have stalled before we even got on the highway, but we’ve just stalled. A kick-start might just be around the corner.

Thanks for stopping by.


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