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Tangerine Bliss

I sound like a cross between Marlene Dietrich and the Cookie Monster and there are no cigarettes or cookies involved. I’ve been holed up in the house this weekend, feeling less than stellar, but then this afternoon I opened the windows, stepped outside and enjoyed.

Tangerines from our neighbors in exchange for eggs make for a sweet deal,
Eggs for Tangerines - Sweet
and even sweeter juice. Way too many pips not to juice.
Tangerine Juice Sweeter Still
Terribly healthy too, right? Ignore the fructose levels.

For something powerful check out Ashleigh Burrows post to Tucson today.



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Health Food aka Chocolate

If a fruit is covered in dark chocolate, the fruit wins out and you’re eating a health food right?

I was going to write a post about heart health, my heart health, but that is too daunting. Apparently, I’m not ready. I am ready, however, to talk about chocolate yummy health foods and how you can cover up the evidence of consumption from suspecting spouses who are trying to fulfill their appointed (by yours truly) role of making you accountable for your chocolate intake.

At my former place of employment there were candy dishes everywhere. Everywhere. Loads of crap candy, and I ate it by the handful. It is hardly surprising that I didn’t take the pregnancy weight off, but now I am no longer bombarded by temptation I’m trying to ease myself into a more reasonable relationship with chocolate. Enter in Trader Joe’s dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds. Fruit and dark chocolate. I think I might be onto something, although I’m not losing weight despite less chocolate and more exercise.  Perhaps the dark chocolate covered fruit is only a health food if, as a friend says,

served with a glass of red wine for the antioxidant triple threat

Obviously, that is what I’m doing wrong. Must drink more red wine.

Talking about ways to love the dark chocolate? Dark chocolate covered Altoids. Suck off the chocolate and then the sharp bite of the Altoid. No one will ever know that you were eating chocolate, and if no one knows does it count?

That is it for tonight’s chocolate interlude. If only there was some chocolate in the house.


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TucsonMama Hefe by Green

A certain friend of mine, who will remain nameless totally identified given her publicly declared love of beer, will be pleased to hear that the Hefeweizen is ready and, even I will admit, pretty damn good.

A few weeks ago, Green fired up the ol’ brew stand
(photo take a few years ago)

and got to brewing the fav type of beer of our dear friend, a hefeweizen like the one he made for her and her sweetie’s wedding six years ago.

Mashing in the grain
Hefe in the making

giving it a good bloody stir
Stirring the Hefe

Fast forward two and half weeks and you have a perfect glass of cloudy (yes it is supposed to be this way) banana scented nectar.

Julie's Hefeweizen

Bottoms up.


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The Long Goodbye

Some of my favorite childhood memories are based at my maternal grandmother’s home: Welsh cakes on the griddle, picking out the morning glory sheets warm from the laundry room, huge bunches of lavender in the garden, eating fresh veggies from the garden, swinging on the striped garden bench with a glass of orange juice, hiding in the coal shed with my brother, the smell of wood shavings in my Granddad’s shed, putting out the bird food with my Gran.

The house of those memories was sold about a year ago now, after Gran moved into a care facility for those with Alzheimer’s. After a long and horrible battle with Alzheimer’s, Gran passed away two weeks ago today.

The last time I saw my Gran was this past summer. We’d travelled over to the UK a couple of times while we were in Italy. The second time was the best set of visits, probably the best for several years. She had absolutely no idea who we were and that was almost better. She just enjoyed us and specifically our daughter. It was just joyful.

Lollypop girls

I’ve already cried buckets for the loss of her mind, and for the anguish that the disease created for both her and her children. This was not the way she wanted to go. This was not death with dignity, but that is a post for another time. Perhaps a post for my mum to write. So this post is not to mourn, but to celebrate. This is a post to say thank you to both sets of my grandparents for the love that we always felt and to share some of the love in the form of Welsh Griddle Cakes. I made those Welsh Cakes of my memories for the first time, with my child, the weekend I found out about Gran. It isn’t quite the same, not being in that kitchen, but almost…
Welsh Griddle Cakes

Welsh Griddle Cakes
8oz of self-raising flour
4oz of unsalted butter
4oz of ultra fine granulated sugar (I think this is the same as the caster sugar as I grew up with)
1/2 cup of raisins
1 egg
splash or two of milk

Chop the butter into tiny pieces and rub into flour using your fingertips until the consistency is like small breadcrumbs. Bean and I did this together. We add the sugar and dried fruit next and give a quick mix to distribute throughout. Then Bean cracks the egg into the bowl and I stir it into the dry mix. Theoretically, you should whisk the egg before adding it to the dry ingredients, but eh. Then a splash of milk. We use 2% because that is what is in the house, but I’m guessing full milk would be better. Using our hands we get this into a nice dough and then roll it out to about a 1/3 of an inch. Bean cuts away with a scone/biscuit cutter, then off to the frying pan we go. Actually, it isn’t supposed to be a frying pan, rather an old fashioned griddle, but I don’t have one of those. I do have a cast iron frying pan. Grease the pan up a little, heat it up, not too hot. Then pop the cakes on. Three to five minutes on each side. They should be a light brown with some crispy bits. Toss a little caster sugar over them while they’re warm. Make them with the help of children, share them with loved ones.

Goodbye Gran. Be at peace.


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Mrs. Beeton vs. the Pre-Made Pie Crust

Mrs Beeton Strikes Again

Armed with some rhubarb from 17th Street Market, Mrs Beeton’s Cookbook (the ’66 edition – Hey Mum, Mrs. Beeton ended up at my house) and NO fancy food processor with paddle for pastry making, Bean and I created a delightful rhubarb pie. It took a little while to find a pastry recipe, (No, I can’t remember a basic pastry recipe) that didn’t call for some machinery to create it and then it was in a 1966 edition of a book originially created in the late 1800’s.

Rhubarb Pie a la Mrs. Beeton

The best bit, after the yummy pie and baking with my kid? Checking out the cost of pre-made pie crusts at Trader Joe’s ($3.50). Dang! Processed stuff has been doing a number on our food spending. How did we get so dependent on such things, like pancake mix or scone mix?  I mean it is just packets of the dry ingredients measured out for you. Really, how long does that take?  Now, where did I put that glass of Fresca?


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Don't think about it too much

It is amazing what can make a girl happy when she is feeling like an expat. I found a huge can of Heinz Baked Beans at Cost Plus today for $7.99.  Fab! (The 16ounce can of light coconut milk is just there for size comparison.)How many servings of baked beans can a family consume in one week before their home becomes unfit for habitation? Can you overdose on baked beans? Recipes for baked beans? Perhaps what I should be asking is “Can you freeze baked beans in portions?” Mmmmmm Beanz! A little bit of England in the Arizona desert. Just make sure you stay upwind of us for a bit.


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