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A Handmade Season- starting with a Birthday

Disclaimer: My name is Tepary and I have a yarn/fabric addiction.
I don’t sew, knit or crochet as much as the vast quantities of yarn and fabric I have would suggest, but I’m working on it.

Happy Birthday C!

Clem Bubble Skirt
Today, despite a crappy head cold, I turned out a Bubble Skirt for a sweet C’s b’day. I am a domestic diva! Snotty-nosed domestic diva, but still. You’ll be pleased to hear I’m not personally delivering the skirt or my snotty cold.
Check it out, it is reversible:
Clem Bubble Skirt
I’m going to make a similar coordinating skirt for Bean too.
There is almost two years between C & Bean and I love seeing the friendship develop between them. Bean gets to play the role of pseudo big sister and she is bloody good at it. C, well she might be one of the sweetest, most fun characters below the age of four I know. Her mum and dad qualify in the over four (or even forty) category.

Reading time

Check out the fabric in the bubble skirt. It is Willow Berries and Willow Shrooms from Alexander Henry. Did I mention I love fabric? I actually didn’t have to wait in the mail for this fabric. There is a fairly limited number of fabric stores in Tucson. Rather there are several nice stores that stock quilting cotton, but not much of the designers I like, certainly none of the delicious Japanese stuff and tasty apparel fabric. If you’re into cats and batik fabrics you’re set, but the rest is fairly limited. So it was a special treat to order material online and not have to wait for it to be mailed, but pick it up from the mama behind Above All Fabrics earlier this week. Got to love supporting a local online rather than an online store based in another state. Does that still count as shopping local?

Good thing I’ve got all this fabric and yarn. Now I’m not earning, our gift giving budget is pretty much none existent. (Lets just say I made a few important omissions when I did the initial five budgets before handing in my notice.) So, dear family, this year I’m making good on my threat to make all homemade for this season of giving. If you have any particular requests, this is the time to let me know. Otherwise, you may end up with a bubble skirt (Just need your waist to knee measurement and your waist measurement. No, it isn’t particularly flattering to those over about eight years old. Yes, your backside will look huge in it, but dependent on what culture you live in that could be a good thing.)
What do you think? Swanky market bags? Bags for laptops or cameras? Or perhaps you need an apron for those kitchen goddess days. Okay skip that idea. A folding case for your iPad (which I’m going to covert). Dad, I’m drawing a blank right now for you. Flat cap?



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I don’t remember Halloween being a particularly big deal growing up. Fifth of November – HUGE. Halloween not so much, but then I met Green at a Halloween party, and we had a Halloween party rehearsal dinner prior to our nuptials and every year since. I love this time of year.

Last week’s response to what the hell I was going to do now, was crafty endeavors:
Couldn’t get a picture of my little red hen, dressed in her homemade costume, she was moving too quick. Luckily, both Bean and Green were dressed as the Little Red Hen. Check out the Little Red Hen, all 6’4″ of little red hen,
Little Red Hen
I based the costume on this.
I was a fox, of course.
Lazy Foz
Note to self…no white paint on the lower cheeks next time.


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What are you going to do now? Week II

I’m still fielding loads of queries about just what I’m going to do now that I’ve resigned. Rebecca’s brilliant idea was just to share one thing a week. This week was going to be about reclaiming my body, and my health, but I’m not off to a good start, so how about something a little less profound? (These weekly declarations are not in order of importance.)

I’m going to explore my creative and crafty side.

I’m signing up for a photography class, well just as soon as I get my application to our local community college in. The application is at least filled out. I’m finishing off craft projects and moving on to new ones. Along with gathering ideas from dear friends, I’m hatching crafty plans for fund-raising for Bean’s preschool that are fabulous. At least in my head they are. I haven’t tried them or talked to anyone else about them. You’ll see them here if I get anywhere with them. Which reminds me, I need to start a Google Doc to record these supposed crafty genius ideas. Yeah, not particularly crazy, but maybe what I need right now so that I can live my one wild and precious life.

Until then, a rare picture of me with Grandpa’s newly knitted hat. I’ve done this pattern so many times I’m ready to move on, but it works so well.
The last of this pattern for a while
See here it is again: Boyfriend Hat
and here:
Boyfriend Hat again on the needles for Green.
Here, a very tired looking me:
Boyfriend hat for me
Yes, I need to knit something other than this hat for a while.
Father's Day


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Every vacation/weekend/workday I come up with an impossible list of tasks I want to achieve. It really is folly. I will always fail if my list is that long, but still I do it. This vacation I’ve been modest in my goals. Relatively:
One craft item (a hat)
One book (No Touch Monkey)
One audio book (Little Bee)
One work item (it has since expanded, but not much)
One personal task (finishing the adoption autobiography)
One walk a day

I’ve walked. I’ve knitted a little. I’ve read a little. I’ve done a little work stuff, but not the task I set for myself. I haven’t done crap as far as the autobiography which is the item I really want to complete. However, we’re having fun and after all this is vacation.
Maybe I’m not supposed to have long to do lists?
Maybe it is okay to make the long list and ignore it.

Going to go out and play ball with the girl, the dog, and the granny now. Perhaps, a little walk with a view to picking some wild blackberries. Sounds much better than that list eh?



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Knit, Learn, Give II

Well, I wrote a lot about it before it happened, and then nothing since. The event was great and in no small part due to friends who supported and to various sponsors including TMC. You can read more about it here.

I’ll give you a sneak peak…

“Inspired by the event that started it all, the Tucson contingent of Help A Mother Out organized a Learn-to-Knit Party Fundraiser for the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona.

On a warm May day in Tucson (most of them are) a motley, but enthusiastic group gathered to try their hand at this time honored craft.”

Now go on, go check it out.

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Knitting like Crazy

Wash cloth

It is just over two weeks until the Learn-to-Knit Party. You know the fundraiser for the Diaper Bank. I’ve been thinking that I should have gone with a catchier name. A friend suggested Knitting for Virgins. Another thought that such a group should knit chastity belts. While both ideas would attract much more attention than Learn-to-Knit, I’m not sure TMC would have sponsored such an event so we’ll stick with Learn-to-Knit for right now and just between you and I we’ll call it Knitting Virgins, alright?

I’m making progress, slowly…

I’ve got the instructors, YEAH! (Thanks you beautiful people).

The place, YEAH! (Thanks Julia & TMC.)

I have a pattern (Thanks to Audrey for the inspiration) and I’m calling it a wash cloth, mainly because that sounds so much better than dish cloth, but I’m not sure why.

A plan for food (I’m going with an afternoon tea thing. What do you think?)

Door prizes (including a massage from a LMT)

I’m debating music? Should we have music?

We’re going to have some babysitting for those with young kids and by God it is going to be fun or else! Now, I just need you to sign up. Go on now, sign up. Right here.

Check out that our local yarn shop, Kiwi Knitting, gave:

Kiwi's Gift to the Party!

And in between work and planning, must make time for my little family. Otherwise I’m just lost.

So if you’re in Tucson, or you know someone in Tucson, please spread the word about the Learn-to-Knit Fundraiser for the Diaper Bank. We’re on Facebook too, right here.


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Knit Power and Hello, Cupcake Book Giveaway

For those of you familiar with my early blogging escapades you may remember this post from 11 months ago when we were still living in Italy. Inspired by two friends in the Bay Area, I, with the help of Tucson Mama, organized a Diaper Drive to benefit the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona. With the generous help of friends we raised over 3,000 diapers.

Those two Bay Area friends have, in one year,  gone from participating in a learn-to-knit party where they first heard of the gap in our safety net to organizing a social media campaign that has facilitated the donation of 161,747 diapers to families in need. This May we’re carrying on the tradition and kicking off Help A Mother Out’s Tucson Diaper Drive with a Learn-to-Knit Party. I’d love for you to join us for this occasion.

Tucson Medical Center has very generously sponsored the event and so all monies raised will go to the Diaper Bank. We’re asking $45 in donation to the Diaper Bank and in return you will receive a basic knitting lesson, yarn, needles, enjoy sparkling conversation, yummy munchies, and have opportunity to win one of our sweet door prizes, from a starter knitting kit from Kiwi Knitting (my favorite yarn store), a massage, a follow-up knitting lesson, a piece of cool Velvet Glass memorabilia etc. This promises to be a fab afternoon. I’m excited to have some cool people on board as teachers including the women behind “I want to make it with you: Crafternoon” .

So if you’re interested check out this site . You can also share the event on Facebook here.  Thank you.

Okay, okay, I almost forgot about the book giveaway. I want to get the message of Help A Mother Out and our May Diaper Drive out there, and of course the Learn-to-Knit Party, so I’m trying to bribe you.  Bribe you with cupcakes, or rather the book Hello, Cupcake by Karen Tack & Alan Richardson.

To enter: Visit the Help A Mother Out website check out some articles and then leave a comment here about something surprising or cool that you saw there.

Double your chances by: Mentioning/linking the giveaway and Help A Mother Out’s website  ( on your blog (and letting me know back here in the comments)

Triple your chances by: Tweeting about Help A Mother Out’s May Drive & link to their website (again, let me know back here)

I’ll pick a winner randomly on April 10th and let you know by email. If I don’t get a response to that email by the 15th, I’ll pick another winner.


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