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Bean starts kindergarten at the beginning of August. I know, crazy early, but so nice to get a week off in October when the weather is lovely. She is increasingly interested in communicating through writing and understanding what day it is. Today after looking at her calendar and discussing various upcoming events, like when she gets to see Granny, we tried this again: Today is Sunday.
Of course, if you pronounce it as Sommertday it might look like this




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Swaddled and Sleepy


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Fifteen Weeks

15 weeks
He is getting so big. His head control is amazing. Oh, and how he giggles. It is just a delight.


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Valentine Girl

Bean turns Four

Whirlwind of events over in our neck of the woods. Our Valentine girl turned four. Yep, four!
How did she go from this:
Bean 2007

to this:

Climbing monkey

So quickly?

There was a party, of course. This year the party was much smaller from years past which, for sanity’s sake, was a good thing. A zip line was installed as a b’day gift and a reading nook arranged in her room. Both were a huge hit with the birthday girl.

Okay, I’m off to photography class. Wish me luck, I’m handing my first assignment in. Somethings never change, I was still up into the wee hours burning the CD, resizing images, and pondering what to include in my contact sheets.


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Borrowing Meta

For her birth, first, second, skip third, and now for fourth birthdays, I put together a music mix for my Bean. I like to think the mix reflects her stage, her preferences, and sometimes a little of where I’m at (the birth mix was for the hospital, it was all me, all the time) . The birth and year two mixes have had lots of play over the past four years, but the music Bean is responding to is changing and I wanted to capture that this year. Bean’s choices are more in your face, more drums (big surprise), more snap, and feisty, pretty much like her. She loves music, and we don’t play enough for her. That needs to change.

You’ll note there are still lots of ‘kids’ music included in this list, because she likes it, and because I’m not sure I want to admit that some of the stuff she listens to if I think about the lyrics. Nothing violent more innuendo and booze, both of which have made it into this list too, but not so she can tell.

So far the playlist is as follows:
Why Does the Sun Shine – They Might Be Giants
You’re No Rock ‘n’Roll Fun – Sleator-Kinney (fav song at the moment)
The Distance – Cake
Yes, We Have Rhythm – Lunch Money (all about drums, percussion)
Sea Lion Woman – Feist
Me Gustas Tu – Mano Chao
Drawing -Barenaked Ladies
We’re Going to Be Friends – The White Stripes
Free to Be Me – Frances England
My Brother the Ape – They Might Be Giants
My Love Is – Holly Golightly

And then there are the last two. A song for me, the borrowing of meta, Present/Infant by Ani Difranco. The premise behind this song strikes a chord with me today as much as the first time I heard it in concert. I think I should listen to that song every day before I do pretty much anything else and maybe I’ll act accordingly. IronWing’s comment in the last post got me thinking a lot about my impression of self and what I want for my daughter. What I will fight tooth and nail for, for her but apparently not for myself. Ironwing thank you for the comment. I’ve thought a lot about it since reading it while I disagree on one piece (motivation for saying I’m not artistic, but I’ll respond soon in the comments) the rest I’m with you on.

Thought I’d share if you haven’t listened to it recently. A good reminder for all us parents.

The last song, Do-Re-Mi is to compensate for the lack of a year three mix. Do-Re-Me was on constant replay in the house, in the car, in the yard for the better part of a year. It is still popular.

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Craptastic Parenting and Governing

I got a call Monday afternoon from Bean’s preschool that she wasn’t feeling so good, so off I popped straight out of a meeting (why yes, that does sound like work doesn’t it, more on that later) and picked her up. A low grade fever, gunky eyes, a fierce cough and a not too sunny disposition. I got her home and she was all giddy and happy, and I thought ‘well so much for that.’ However, Bean was up through the night. Of course, I sleep like a log so I wasn’t up much. Green pulls that duty more often than not. (Ear plugs? I don’t know what you’re talking about.)

Yesterday morning we decided to keep her at home; she seemed fine, I mean snotty and coughing, but happy. I took her with me to Trader Joe’s to get her some milk and a little wine for me. We were doing fine until we get to the check out. I’m just picking up the bag full of wine and a gallon of milk thinking that I must like look like a total lush when I hear this pitiful voice,

Mummy sob Mummy sob, sob, sob

I feel wet on my legs first, and no I wasn’t having that kind of senior moment. I turn around. My poor little girl is standing in a pool of her own vomit and holding up her vomit-covered hands and the shocked silence is giving way to utter audible horror. Her clothes are wet, her shoes are wet, my clothes have been sprayed and the smell is just delightful. Bean hasn’t vomited since the first 9months of life when she had terrible reflux, she has no memory of this feeling.

After apologizing profusely to the Trader Joe’s cashier we make our escape, unable to help much with clean up given the sniveling pukey kid. Why didn’t I realize how bad Bean felt? I’m not sure she knew she felt so bad.

Yesterday afternoon was all about sleep.
Sleepy Sick Time

And the point of this post? Hmmm, nothing really. Perhaps a gentle introduction to puke before you read this article which certainly made me feel sick. I’m not bothered by the divorce proposal, but by the adoption issue. It is primarily a proposal to obstruct gay couples and individuals ability to adopt in Arizona. Yes, it would work in our short-term favor as a heterosexual married couple, but it is wrong, and in the long-term it does no favors to the kids or to our community. You know the drill. I’m sure I’ll be back with an easy click let your rep know how you feel. Oh, Arizona.


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Dear Janet Weiss and Maggie

You're no Rock n' Roll fun

Dear Janet Weiss* and Maggie**,

My not quite four-year old set up a pretend drum set this morning, complete with 'cymbals' which she added shortly after this picture. She then proceeded to 'play' the drums and sing "You're no rock n' roll fun" over and over again for about 40 minutes. The 'drum set' is still in the living room. I've been instructed not to move it. Her drum sticks? Child's knitting needles. I'm pleased they're being used.

Thanks for being the inspiration,
One heck of a proud mum

She has to get her bangs at least down to her eyes so she can do the whole hair toss thing.

I think that musical gene leaped a generation.
* Janet Weiss was the drummer for Sleator Kinney. I think she is in the very last video here.
**Maggie, my dear friend, brilliant artist and absolutely bloody amazing drummer.


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