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BlogLove V

Admit it, you didn’t think I could keep it up did you? Alright, maybe you had faith, but I did not. I’m not sure that I have enough blogs in my reader to keep going for a terribly long time. I’d love to hear from any one who actually reads my drivel. What are your favorite local blogs? Adoption blogs? Science blogs?

For BlogLove V in the category of local Arizona blog, I present to you Arizona Writer. Now this is someone who actually makes a living writing about science, nature and travel.
Kimberly, please don’t cringe too much as you read my blog. I was never taught how to diagram a sentence, and I get mixed up about adverbs and adjectives. Apparently, I’m too lazy to learn now.
In Kimberly’s blog she writes about nature and family and it makes me laugh, or smile, or sometimes just nod and sympathize. There are some pretty spiffy photographs on her site too, although I’m kind of digging the pencil and paper images. She is funny, irreverent and she doesn’t post enough, or maybe she posts enough that I’m always really pleased to see her posts.

Adoption Blog – The first adoption blog I really read, and then read again and again, and again was Peter’s Cross Station.
I interacted with Shannon a little (my guess is she has no idea who I am) within an online community a few years back. She was blogging here then. This site and the still earlier Waiting for Nat blog are great mines of information to get you thinking about what families look like, adoption, transracial adoption. She is sharp, she is insightful and she has her head screwed on right. When it comes to issues of ethics in adoption it is Shannon and several of the others mentioned previously in this spot that get me thinking. Most importantly though, Shannon and her partner Cole are moms to the very lovely, Nat and Selina.

Have you ever stumbled across someone’s blog and thought, ‘Hmmmm this sounds familiar? Wait! This is so and so.’ Well, the blogger in this week’s BlogLove Miscellaneous Category, is The Dragonfly Woman aka my awesome aquatic entomology TA. I didn’t know it was her until I hit the About page. The Dragonfly Woman shares her obsession with insects in a way that is relevant and accessible. A better read than my old ento texts, nicer pictures too, you don’t have to be a scientist to appreciate this blog, just willing to fall deeply and passionately in love with insects. Okay, maybe not deeply and passionately, but at least harbor some reverence for our animal cousins of the insect variety. Check out this post about click beetles, unless you’re more into reading about entomophagy.

Share some of your favs in the comments would you?



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BlogLove IV

T.I.R.E.D. So tired. Twenty five hours of traveling with a 3.5 year old who doesn’t go to sleep easily on a plane is not my idea of a good time, nor is the way to recover to go into work then next day, albeit at noon, after said child woke at 1am and stayed awake until 9:30am. This morning she woke around 3am.

Given my lack of sleep it is with no further ado I present BlogLove IV –

1. Local Arizona Blog Blog for Arizona is a great political blog that takes a long hard look at all sorts of political antics in Arizona and they have lots to look at. I’m not sure I always agree, but to answer a comment that ended up in the spam filter, something along the lines “Admit it, you voted for Obama”, more evidence that I am a left wing liberal whose politics is way to the left of Obama. Yes, I voted for him, but if it was between him and Raul Grijalva I’d be voting for Raul.

2. Adoption Blog – Those Two Daddies. Bobby is fraking hilarious. The blog documents the path traveled by Bobby and his partner Greg in the adoption and now parenting of their daughter, the very lovely Sabrina. Many blogs, especially adoption blogs, make multiple references to their faith and belief in a supernatural higher being, it can be a little daunting for the humanist/atheists among us, we are in the minority. Bobby’s blog lets me know you can have humor, political savvy, atheism, and be part of a same-sex couple while adopting and parenting in what may be one of the most right wing areas of the country. I’m planning on inviting myself over when we make it up to the Phoenix area. I’ll bring chocolate and wine Bobby!

3. Miscellaneous Blog – Science-Based Parenting
As referred to in the adoption blog category, being an atheist mama who blogs can feel a little isolating. The secular humanism view of the world does impact my parenting and yet I feel hesitant to mention it out in public. I can still hear the involuntary gasp of horror echoing when I responded that we were both atheists to a question at a baby shower about religious leanings. There are a few (emphasis on few) blogs out there actively addressing the atheist, secular humanist, science geek parents audience. I dig Science-based parenting. Check out this old post.


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Bloglove III

Dear God, two weeks in a row and I’m actually on top of this. Alright, I admit I almost forgot today, but I have an excuse! We’re in the Netherlands visiting the fabulous Fishboy, J.and Baby A.

Tonight J and I have been biking and drinking. It was lovely. Pictures to follow of the Netherlands. Right now? Bloglove III.

1. In the category numero uno, Local Arizona Blog, I present to you Little Homestead in the Desert by Kappachi.

Kappachi and I met in SAS fabrics down on Speedway. We were both digging through the jumbled boxes of scraps to find the cool stuff. Luckily, she had the beautiful baby Sofia with her so I didn’t attempt to wrestle her to the ground for that decent piece of Amy Butler, or whatever it was that she had in her hands. We got talking, as you do, and the rest is history. I’ve been enjoying insights into her life ever since. I must admit, I’m a wee bit intimidated by her suburban homesteading prowess! I’m not sure I could go all out like Kappachi does, but I am impressed and like to take some inspiration. Check out these homemade corn tortillas, I think even I could manage that.

2. Adoption Blog This Woman’s Work
Dawn stopped by early on here and shared words of great wisdom. Dawn and her husband have two children Noah and Maddie. Maddie was brought into their family through an open, domestic adoption. Dawn writes about their family’s experience as well as larger adoption issues. She doesn’t shy away from uncomfortable topics. She is also the owner and operator of Open Adoption Support, a social networking site for families and individuals who support openness in adoption.

3. Miscellaneous BlogLove
I did mention there might be a strong bent toward science in this category, right? Check this out, Not So Humble Pie does a Science Cookie Roundup every so often. I want science cookies. Actually, I’m not fussy. I’ll eat pretty much any cookies, but these do look mighty tasty. Not so Humble Pie is a biological anthropologist which is enough to give me an instant crush on her.


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BlogLove II

I know, only one post in between, but who really cares if I post once a week or once a month? I don’t think you sit on the edge of your chairs waiting with baited breath. Alright mum, maybe you do, but we’re with you right now so that doesn’t count.

Before we hit the BlogLove, I want to show you that not only did I stir the pot, but I also wrote the labels

Forget domestic diva, I’m a domestic goddess. Those of you who know my home can now get off the floor and stop laughing. It isn’t that funny.

I’m not just sitting on my arse and eating digestives, homemade pie and the like I actually accompanied my mum for a 6 mile walk this morning. She does this twice a bloody day. No wonder she is in great shape. Anyway, we got the pretty horse picture in.


BlogLove I
It was great to find out one of my favorite Arizona bloggers actually checks in here occasionally. Kimberly of Arizona Writer left a comment. I also really appreciated Chantelle and Cyndi leaving a couple of names of blogs to check out and I am of Statistically Impossible taking the BlogLove idea and sharing it along on his blog. Please feel free to share some of the blogs you love, be they local to you, adoption or something that fits in that weeks type of miscellaneous category or if like commenter Tammy of agrigirl you fall into those groups yourself, introduce yourself. I’m planning on adding a page just for Arizona Blogs that I dig.

Alright, this week’s BlogLove or BlogLove II
1. The Local (AZ) Blog
This weeks Local AZ Blog is a shout out to TucsonMama. I must share that I’m TucsonMama’s sidekick and so I very occasionally post on there, but not enough not to share this. TucsonMama is a great resource for Tucson parents. Obviously, I also like her bent on life, the stories and the articles she picks out to read too. If you haven’t checked it out already you should.

2. Adoption Blog
Whether you’ve ever given a second thought to adoption or not, please go check out The Chronicles of Munchkin Land this week. The Chronicles are written by a mother of three children, including her daughter who she placed for adoption. It isn’t always easy reading, but it always strikes me as honest and I like that. As a potential adoptive parent reading insights from those who have placed children for adoption, as well as people who are adopted is important. The post I link to above is about the absolutely disgusting behavior of the Adoption Network Legal Center. They’re not an official agency, but some other form of adoption industry. The Chronicles really highlight why we, we as a country, need national adoption reform. I need to write more that this, but not today.

3. Miscellaneous BlogLove

This might be a little intense for some, but Skeptical Science is an awesome resource for both understanding climate change and larger critical nature of science issues. It floats my boat anyway, although I actually have to pay attention as I read it. They had a great guest post recently about the importance of the peer review method. Sigh. Science geekdom.


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The dog days of summer are upon us. It is blistering outside and the incessant noise of the cicadas is deafening. Oh, and I love it. Not the blistering heat, but the cicadas. I know it drives people nuts, but it is so bloody cool. Zrrrrrrrrrrrr zrrrrrrrrrrrrrr zrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
We’re a big ol’ pile of cicadas. Don’t mess with us. YEAH!


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I wanna go…

I wanna go here…

A science festival no less. Yes. I’m a geek.

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