BlogLove AZ

BlogLove is a semi-regular piece sharing my fav bloggers of Arizona, or blogs regarding adoption and well just about anything else I’m feeling bloglove for at the time. Now for your viewing pleasure I present BlogLove Arizona, the page:
BlogLove Arizona
Ah Arizona, land of contrasts and complete insanity, at least politically. There is so much more to us Arizonans than the crazy politics, margarita swilling and saguaros. BlogLove Arizona is about sharing and connecting. Go check them out and share the BlogLove, Arizona.

Organized in really no particular order:
Tucson Food Dude -For what is hot in food and dining in and around Tucson. This fabulous blog brought to you by Kevin. Kevin knows his stuff.
Arizona Writer – Chasing bugs, traipsing through the desert, and freaking people out since 2007.
Blog for Arizona – Great perspective on AZ politics
Little Homestead in the Desert – A young mom living in the desert learning to live the way my grandparents and great grandparents did. I’m teaching myself how to live simply, cheap and from scratch.
TucsonMama -TucsonMama is a place to write about the things that mean the most to us–parenting, Tucson, beer, relationships, women’s health, critters, shopping, politics, celebrity gossip, literature, music, makeup, and movies, for starters.
Those Two Daddies -The family story of two men and two Labrador Retrievers raising their beautiful girl Sabrina Marie. Bobby talks parenting, adoption, politics, religion. The man is funny.
Dream within Reach – Three friends from AZ,CO & CA share design love.
The Dragonfly Woman – An aquatic entomologist blogs from deepest dark Arizona
My Craft Evolution -Documenting her craft evolution along with parenting in Tucson,Arizona.

N.B. In other places there seems to be a hub of blogging activity; some of which coalesces to do real good. Perhaps here in AZ too?


One response to “BlogLove AZ

  1. Yay! I’m so excited to find all of these Tucson bloggers!! It seems like you have a list, and I have a different list… I wonder if there are more of us!!

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